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 There are four categories i.e Free (Zakat), Subsidized, Evening Shift and Private patients, under which our experienced doctors can examine a person. All patients go through the reception area where patient cards are made for the appropriate category. These cards are used to keep computerized medical information about the patient's in order to better assist them in their subsequent visits.

The Hospital reserves the right to change patient fees and other charges. All charges/ information relating to a patient's treatment may not be listed on this website. Please contact us if you have questions regarding any specific charges.

No Appointments are necessary for the following three categories. The Hospital timings are Monday to Friday, 8am - 1pm, Saturday 8am - 12pm. You can also get any information after office hrs and on Sundays.

FREE (ZAKAT) PATIENTS: Under this one can obtain a special Zakat form from the hospital that needs to be filled out by the patient and signed by the Chairman District Zakat and Usher Committee (The Patients local area chairman). In this
category you only pay the cost of food supplied to you by the hospital and for any medicines not available in the hospital.

SUBSIDIZED PATIENTS: Under this category, the patient pays Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only) at the reception area and the appropriate card is provided to him. All subsequent visits are Rs. 70/- (Rupees Seventy Only) each. All other fees including but not limited to cafeteria, medicines and hospital charges are charged at full cost to the patients.

EVENING SHIFT: To cater for the needs of people working in government and non-governmental departments during daytime, Al-Shifa has introduced evening OPD. This OPD runs from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and has the added incentive of more subsidized votes than that during the morning hours.
This evening OPD will further help in reducing the waiting time for patients. Similarly the delay in seeking treatment due to job compulsions and subsequent serious eye damage will also be positively affected due to start of these evening consulting hours.

Appointments Required 

PRIVATE PATIENTS: Patients need to contact (051) 5487820-5 Ext. 277 to make an appointment. Appointments are made for both the locations at Rawalpindi and at our satellite Islamabad Clinic located in Kashmir Plaza, Blue Area Ph: 2873119. You can ask for appointment with any of the senior doctors. For each doctor's qualifications, see the Medical Faculty

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