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Outreach Programme  

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Click here to View the Casestudy of a Patient View

Case Study of Hasan Ijaz


Hasan Ijaz a six years child from Sadiqabad, a son of poor farmer had sudden acute illness on rising up one morning. There was huge swelling of the eye with child being critically ill. The parents had to travel to different places but the condition went on worsening. Finally someone arranged for their travel costs to Al-Shifa Rawalpindi where the child underwent major operation lasting for over 2 hours in the department of Orbit and oculoplastics. By Grace of Allah, the child fully recovered and now he can see and live a normal life.

Case Study of Mr. Tr

Mr. TR, a victim of recent bomb blast inthe city was admitted after being referred from a leading hospital of the country. Coincidently, this patient was also managed by Department of Retina under supervision of Prof. Qureshi. The blast had seriously damaged his one eye. Multiple operations by different specialists at Al-Shifa were performed to restore his vision. “We used heavy liquids and special VR technique to re-attach his retina (the vision membrane at the back of the eye). We are quite confident that the patient will regain useful vision” said Associate Prof. Dr. Nadeem Ishaq.

Every year, thousands of patients with advanced retinal disease due to trauma or diabetes, visit Al-Shifa and get international standard treatment at a very low cost. To Al-Shifa, one such VR operation as conducted for Mr. TR, costs about 50,000 Rs.

Case Study of Mehr Khan is happy once again

Mehr Khan is small-time shop keeper in Darya Khan. His only son Shamraiz Khan born after 12 years of marriage had an unfortunate accident during kite-flying season. He gradually lost his vision in his left eye due to injury and infection. Darya Khan is a small underdeveloped town in south Punjab with no specialized eye care facilities. Mehr Khan was desparate for his child’s health but could not get a cure for a long time.  Mehr ran from pillar to post and then went to another big city hospital where he was told to arrange approximately Rs. 50,000 for the treatment of his son. Man of limited sources, it would have taken him another 2-3 years to arrange for that money. Fortunately a friend from Rawalpindi rang him and told about Al-Shifa.
Today, Shamraiz and his father are happier. The child’s left eye has been recently treated successfully by corneal grafting and the indications are that he can see through it. “Al-Shifa is a blessing for poor people like me. Now I will tell every patient of my area to come to Al-Shifa” said a beaming Mehr Khan.

Case Study of Laiba

Laiba, a six years girl comes from a poor family of suburban area of Karachi. In January 2007, she was accidently struck by a hard ball in her right eye. She developed a swelling and vision was reduced considerably. She underwent treatment at various hospitals which resulted in mild improvement. Later she started having low grade fever which did not respond to any treatment. The swelling in the outer part of her right eye did not subside. For the next one year her parents were unable to afford her the appropriate treatment.  One day, by chance, the parents of Laiba came across Dr. Sharjeel, a doctor from Karachi, who had completed his training at Al-Shifa Rawalpindi. He immediately knew where the child should be sent for appropriate and affordable treatment for this complicated ailment. A local NGO arranged for their transport from Karachi and finally Laiba underwent surgery at Al-Shifa Rawalpindi. A final diagnosis of tuberculosis of eye involving the surrounding bones was made and she is now healthy after surgery and 9 months of medical treatment.


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