Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

Successful medical treatment of more than 4 Million People todate     Approximately more than 0.35 million successful operations todate      Approximately 1300 patients treated on a daily basis     More than 120 doctors trained/grauated to alleviate the sufferings of the blind       More than 0.3 million operations carried out during out reach progam/eye camps      More than 1.5 million children successfully screened todate
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
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Muzaffarabad and Quetta Hospital Construction to start by early 2008 more

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Expansion of Rawalpindi Hospital Infrastructure more

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Ophthalmic Research Institue Launched more

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Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Five Years Plan more

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New Initiatives by Public Affairs Committee more

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Fund-raising compaign for Muzaffarabad Hospital Launched Successful tour of Saudi Arabia more

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Press Release more


Make A Donation

1. Financial Donations

Financial Donations

Kindly send your donations or Zakat to the following accounts:

1. In UK

  • Habib Bank AG Zurich 5/ 7 High Street Southhall, Middlesex

         UB 1 3HA, UK :

         Account Number = 7-2-7-20311-402-109356

  • HSBC Bank AuchinLeck House, Birmingham :

    Account Number = 40-1108-41311565  


2. In USA

  •  National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), 100 wall street 21st floor, New York. NY 10005

        Account Number = 52152578


  Al-Shifa Foundation of North America 1200 SMITH ST

   STE 2355 Houston TX 77002 :

   Tax ID (For US Residents Only) 36-4328912


3. In Pakistan, donations can be sent directly to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital , Jhelum Road , Rawalpindi or to Account Number 365-1, Muslim Commercial Bank Limited, Al-Shifa Branch, Rawalpindi . All donations in Pakistan are exempted from Income Tax vide Regional Commissioner Income Tax, Islamabad , letter number:

SO-III-26(9)97-98/5422 DATED 23rd May 1998 .

4. We also maintain collection accounts in branches of Pakistani banks the Gulf States .


Case Studies
How to Donate?

By the time you have read this page 5 more people  have turned blind. Please help us alleviate the sufferings of the Blind 

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

        No of patients treated in Al-Shifa since inception  4,611,587(Last Updated on December 31, 2007)

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals