Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
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President of Pakistan presided over the annual meeting of Board of Trustee of Al-Shifa Trust on January 13, 2007.
He commended the role of Al-Shifa Trust in Provision of quality Eye care and recommended that Al-Shifa should expand its activities further.

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Al-Shifa Media workshop will held in February 2007 At Serena Hotel


Cornea And Refractive Surgery

Cornea or the frontal most segemnt of the eye which is the most important sturcture for transmission of light and clear vision needs specialist care for maintenance of its integrity. This clinic is headed by our Chief Consultant and deals with very wide variety of corneal disease caused by hereditary problems, trauma, infection and refractive errors. Replacement f diseased opaque cornea (Corneal grafting or keratoplasty) and reshaping the curvature of cornea (refractive surgery) by laser or surgery are the main sugical procedures performed by this department.



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By the time you have read this page 5 more people  have turned blind. Please help us alleviate the sufferings of the Blind 

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

        No of patients treated in Al-Shifa since inception  4,004,342(Last Updated on january 27,2007)

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals