Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

Successful medical treatment of more than 4 Million People todate     Approximately more than 0.35 million successful operations todate      Approximately 1300 patients treated on a daily basis     More than 120 doctors trained/grauated to alleviate the sufferings of the blind       More than 0.3 million operations carried out during out reach progam/eye camps      More than 1.5 million children successfully screened todate
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
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The main cause of blindness in Pakistan and Worldwide is cataract. As a rough estimate approximately 2300 operations are required to be performed per million per year., where as in Pakistan 1100 operations are being conducted, which are not even half of the required ratio.

Despite the odds of inaccessible cost, poor quality eye care/services and lack of awareness due to weak education standards of the population, ACCO had taken it as a chanllenge and adopted a unique strategy of carrying out screening of the patients for cataract in far -flung area. Following procedure has been streamlined:-

  • Camps are being established in far flung area where normal transport and NGOs do not visit.
  • More serious patients/ requiring surgery are brought back to Rawalpindi. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital for treatment. Mormally the patients are sent home within 24 hours after operation.
  • The complete process is totally free of cost for poor/deserving cases. However nominal administrative charges are charged from Zakat patients.

Since awareness is the weakest point of the general public there is therefore a dire need that publicity be done at gross root level to educate not only the children but their parents also. Following actions have been planned/being dones:-

  • Moive being screened on the spot.
  • Lecture by the Dr. to general to public.
  • Leaflets giving detailed instructions.
  • Training of BHHU and RHC staff
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By the time you have read this page 5 more people  have turned blind. Please help us alleviate the sufferings of the Blind 

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

        No of patients treated in Al-Shifa since inception  4,753,437(Last Updated on May 04, 2008)

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals