For the Prevention and Cure of Blindness
Newsletter No. 19       July to October 1997 Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi

This Newsletter covers the period from July to October 97. This period has been significant in that we have added yet another Iandmark in the history 
of Al-Shifa Trust by commissioning the PIO  

Al-Shifa patient data is at Annex A 

    PCPB - Out Reach Program.
    Inauguration of PIO.
    Construction of Sukkur Eye Hospital.
    Participation in Foreign Conferences/Visits.
    New Inductions.
    Visit Abroad of President Al-Shifa Trust.
    Dignitaries Visit Al-Shifa Trust.
Visit - Overseas Pakistanis
During the recent Overseas Pakistanis Convention, held at Islamabad, some leading Community Leaders from  USA, UK, Holland and Gulf States visited Al-Shifa Complex and showed a keen interest in various project of the Trust. They met various indoor patients and also got a detailed briefing on post-graduate training programs of the Institute. These visitors praised the high standard of treatment facilities provided to the poor patients free of cost.

Pakistan Center of Prevention of Blindness...
Out-Reach Program
The Pakistan Center of Prevention of Blindness (PCPB) is actively engaged in its multifarious activities covering primary and secondary care Programs, screening of school children and training of social leaders/health workers in far flung areas. We have collaboration of the following foreign donor agencies in promoting this out-reach program:-

a. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).
Al-Shifa has established a Diabetes Related Blindness Clinic (DRB) in collaboration with LCIF. All preliminary tests for detection of diabetes are conducted as a part of our Out-Reach program in the field and diabetics are referred to the hospital for detailed examination. We are also expanding our collaboration with Lions Pakistan in the field of cataract surgery. To start with, all surgical cases of eye camps established in Rawalpindi region will be operated upon at Al-Shifa Eye Hospital to ensure better quality of surgery.

b. Project “Seeing 2000”.
This project has been launched in collaboration with international Eye Foundation of USA, with a view to screening and treating surgically curable blinding diseases in Rawalpindi region. Its scope will be expended further after successful experience of one year.

c. International Development Of Refugees Foundation (IDRF).
This project is also designed to screen children for timely detection of eye ailments them. A total of 83,020 children in Kahuta sub-division of Rawalpindi Division have been screened and consequently, 5,307 children detected with impaired eye sight were brought to the hospital for specialised treatment. Its second phase will be launched on availability of funds.

d. Operation “Eye Sight Universal”.
Under this project, training of primary and secondary level Ophthalmologists is being carried out at Al-Shifa with a view to increasing cataract surgeries in rural areas.

Inauguration of Pakistan Institute Of Ophthalmology (PIO)
The inauguration of Pakistan Institute of ophthalmology (PIO) was done by the former President of Pakistan, Mr.Farooq Ahmed khan Leghari on 25 September 97.
The Chief guest lauded the services of Al-Shifa Trust in the Health Sector and Human Resource Development. He said that the inauguration of PIO Complex would go a long way in filling the void which hitherto existed in the availability of trained manpower in the field of ophthalmology. He asked philanthropists to come forward and play their part in providing succour to the poor and needy segment of our population.
 The function was attended by the Federal Ministers, Ambassadors, “Friends of Al-Shifa” and cherished guests who had specially flown from abroad to grace the occasion.

Construction of Sukkur Eye Hospital
The construction of Sukkur Eye Hospital, which is the first of our three projects outside Rawalpindi, has started on 15 November 97. It will Inshaallah be completed in two years time at a cost of Rs. 100 million. This hospital will serve the people of Sindh, Balochistan and Southern Punjab.

Participation In Foreign Conference/Visits
a.     WHO Assignment. Dr Haroon ur Rasheed Awan visited Gaza Palestine on a WHO assignment on prevention and Control of Blindness in Gaza. He also participated in the American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting in San Francisco, USA.
b.  Dr Wajid Ali Khan visited South Africa and presented a paper in the Seventh International South African Congress on Cataract and Refractive Surgery.
c.  Mr.Hassan Minto participated in the sight Savers International Partnership Meeting Dacca, Bangladesh and presented two papers on Low Vision Devices.

New Inductions
a. Dr Nadeem Qureshi FCPS, who is a senior Vitreo Retina, Surgeon, joined Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital on 8 September 1997.
b.   . Dr Atiq ur Rehman Baber has been selected to join us as  a Retina Specialist.

Visit Abroad of President Al-Shifa Trust
Lt. Gen. Jahan Dad Khan (Retd) visited USA and Canada from 26 Sep to 31 Oct 97. The visit proved to be highly fruitful and donation of two hundred and thousand dollars were collected. Ms Tahira Syed a renowned artist, Participated in Al-Shifa functions at New York, Chicago and Toronto without any remunerations whatsoever.

Dignitaries visit Al-Shifa Trust

We were honoured to receive the following during the period under review:-
a.   H.E.Dr Mubarak Kleefieh Al-Hajri, Ambassador of Qatar.
b.   Lt Gen. Lehrasab Khan (Retd), Federal Secretary for Defence Production.
c.   Mr. Bilal Chapti, a businessman from Toronto.
d.   Mr. Justice Raja Khurrshed, Rawalpindi Bench of Lahore High Court.
e.   Mr.Davaid Bradford, Bishop of Bradford, along with his wife and other guests who were
      accompanied by Haji Muhammad Sabir.

Statistical Data of OPD/OT Patients
1st July 1997 to 31st October 1997
Al-Shifa (OPD)
(including camps)
  Grand Total
Al- Shifa needs Your Supports
Despite the high cost and substantial increase in the expenditure, Al- Shifa has maintained its quest of alleviating the suffering of the poor segment of our society. We express our sincere gratitude and appreciations to the “FRIENDS OF AL-SHIFA and our well wisher for there generous support. We fervently appeal to the philanthropists to come forward and play their part is helping us restore the eye sight of many who are deprived if it.

Your Zakat, we assure you, will be utilised most befittingly restoring the Eye sight of a blind person and helping a family in its rehabilitation. Could there be a better utilization of Zakat than this; $ 50 can help in restoring the eye sight of a poor blind patients who is invariably a bread earner of the family.

Our Foreign Currency Main Account No, CA/133574-7 is maintained in Habib Bank Ltd, Knightsbridge Branch, London (UK). We also maintain collection Accounts in Branches of Pakistani Banks in the United Kingdom and the Gulf States. In Pakistan, donation can be sent directly to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Account No. 365-01-1,Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd, Al-Shifa Branch, Jhelum Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. All donations in Pakistan are exempt from Income Tax vide Regional Commissioner Income Tax, Islamabad letter number SO,111-26(9)/AST/93-94/1854 dated 4th November 1995. Similarly, donors in USA and Canada can get Tax Exemption if their cheques are made payable to APPNA (Al-Shifa) in USA and IDRF(Al-Shifa) in Canada.

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