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News Letters

1. President of Pakistan acknowledges the contribution of Al-Shifa

2. Vision 2025 launched

3. Subspecialty of the year Pediatric Ophthalmology

4. Fund-raising tour by President Al-Shifa

5. Board of Trustees Meeting

6. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi: Latest equipment acquired for the first time in Pakistan

7. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Sukkur: Expands its outreach program

8. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Kohat : Consolidates its outreach program

9. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Muzaffarabad: AJK Govt. donates land

10. Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology

100% result in fellowship

100% result in Diploma Exams

College of Physician and Surgeons team highly appreciates training facilities

11. Patient column

12. Hospital progress

13. Future events

14. Appeal

President of Pakistan acknowledges the contribution of Al-Shifa

Annual Patron-in-Chief meeting of Al-Shifa Board of Trustees was held at Aiwan-e-Saddar, Islamabad on 13th January 2007 with President General Pervez Musharraf in chair. The meeting was attended by the major donors, Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, Dr. Hussein Al-Gezairy WHO Regional Director, Federal Ministers, Chief Secretaries and Federal Secretaries from different provinces of the country and Azad Kashmir. The meeting is an annual feature, in which President is apprised of the annual progress of the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals and his guidance is sought for the future development.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Jahan Dad Khan presented the progress of various components of the Trust including Hospitals at Rawalpindi, Sukkur and Kohat. Mr. Saeed Qureshi, Vice President of Al-Shifa highlighted the financial status of Trust. Prof. Wajid Ali Khan, Chief Consultant of Al-Shifa presented the professional and training component of the Trust.

It was followed by award distribution ceremony. The awards were given to outstanding donors of Al-Shifa Trust which reflect their deep commitment to humanitarian cause. These included Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani from Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Saeed & Haji Sabir MBE from UK and Mr. Tahir Zafar from USA. Special award was given to Mrs. Nilofar Bakhtiar, Federal Minister for Tourism for her outstanding support to Al-Shifa.


Some of the doctors who received awards of excellent professional performance from President included Dr. Nadeem Qureshi, head of department of retina, Dr. Ayesha Khan, head of pediatric ophthalmology, Dr. Waqar Pathan, MS of Al-Shifa Sukkur and Dr. Mohammad Ashraf from Glaucoma Department.

At the end, President of Pakistan while eulogizing the services of donors, doctors and Trustees of Al-Shifa, desired Al-Shifa to expand its state of the art facilities to grass root level through capacity building of district and tehsil level eye care facilities. In this regards, Gen. Musharraf applauded the services of Al-Shifa as apex body of the country in the field of eradication of blindness. President directed the provincial governments to extend full cooperation and support to the Trust in the development of secondary eye care facilities at district level and beyond. President while announcing a very generous annual federal grant to Al-Shifa also asked the provinces to provide a matching annual grant to ensure Al-Shifa continues and expands its activities. President of Pakistan directed Ministry of Health to assist the Trust in the implementation of its program for development of subspecialties

Launching of Vision 2025: Year 2007 to be Year of Quantum Jump

President of Al-Shifa during his annual address to the staff and administration of the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals informed the audience that our 20 years strategic plan (Vision 2025) after going through a thorough sensitization and meticulous planning has now been launched from January 2007. Major components of this strategic plan include: -
1. Establishment of Centers of Excellence in all the four provinces and Kashmir
2. Catering for human resource development needs of the institution and the country
3. Expanding the Al-Shifa Trust comprehensive eye care system to district and tehsil level
4. Financial self-reliance.
While declaring 2007 as Year of Quantum Jump President Al-Shifa informed that this year will see
1. Formulation of a dynamic service structure for all the employees
2. Expansion of Retina department at Rawalpindi Hospital (with help of OEU)
3. Expansion of NAP and Nursing Hostels
4. Expanding the outreach programs of Sukkur and Kohat Hospitals
5. Initial construction phase of Quetta Hospital

Addressing later an exclusive gathering of doctors of Al-Shifa, President Al-Shifa while appreciating the skill and dedication of the medical staff stressed upon the faculty members to excel in every department of profession including teaching, research, leadership skills and state of art specialized technologies.

President Al-Shifa unfolding the salient features of Vision 2025


Subspecialty of the year Pediatric Ophthalmology


Subspecialty of the year Pediatric Ophthalmology
From this year, our readers will be provided with an overview of the performance of each of our subspecialties. This issue will brief you about our most important subspecialty- Pediatric Ophthalmology which takes care of the most important patients- our children.

Working since 1994, this subspecialty deals with eye problems of children of all ages up to 15 years. Every year about 20,000 children are treated through this department out of which about 1,500 children are operated. While visiting the children OPD you come across children as young as few days old coming for surgical treatment. It is worth mentioning that 80% of children coming for treatment are less than 10 years of age. Children are referred from all over the country with complicated eye problems which cannot be dealt with elsewhere. For example, Farina from Layyah (600 km from Islamabad), a 2 years old kid was diagnosed to have cataract in her both eyes. The treatment was not available at Layyah. She was referred to another big town hospital where she again was refused the treatment as anesthetist refused to give her anesthesia because of high risk due to multiple heart problems. Finally she was operated at Al-Shifa in her both eyes over a period of 3 months with able assistance from our team of anesthetists. There are many other moving tales to tell and many true stories to narrate, but the crux is that pediatric eye surgery is a complicated job and needs a team of specially trained pediatric ophthalmologists and anesthetists. In Pakistan this rare combination is available at Al-Shifa.


This pediatric unit is also training ophthalmologists from other parts of the country as well as from countries of the region like Bangladesh, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

Dr. Ayesha Khan who is head of the department is a certified pediatric ophthalmologist trained at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Her colleague, Dr. Shehla Rubab is also qualified from the same center of excellence. In addition, Dr. Saima Nuzhat, Dr. Hanif Malik and Dr. Naadia Azad are the other qualified ophthalmologists working in this department.

Dr. Ayesha Khan and Dr. Shehla Rubab


It must be mentioned here that the support provided by ORBIS Intl USA has been remarkable and has simply transformed our pediatric ophthalmology into a regional center of excellence.

ORBIS evaluation team at the end of the project

ORBIS delegation at Al-Shifa to discuss  future collaboration

Fund-raising tour of UK by President of Al-Shifa
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Jahan Dad Khan, visited UK from 3rd November to 19th November 2006. The fund-raiser has been quite successful due to well-organized campaign by the Pakistani diaspora and Al-Shifa Chapters of UK.

Board of Trustees Meeting

Al-Shifa Board of Trustees meeting is a regular annual feature and is one of the most important decision-making events. During 2006, the meeting held on 26th June reviewed the annual progress of the three Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals. Another meeting was convened on 3rd January 2007 to approve the interim budget. This meeting also discussed major self-reliance projects of Al-Shifa Trust.

Annual Board of Trustees Meeting


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi gets latest equipment

With assistance from Operation Eye Sight Universal, Canada, our Rawalpindi Hospital has acquired two latest machines for the first time in Pakistan. Ret Cam is currently the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment for children eye diseases. Some of the diseases which were previously inaccessible to documentation will now readily be detected and managed. Optical Coherence Tomogram (OCT) is currently the gold standard and most sensitive equipment for detection of diseases of retina which were otherwise very difficult to diagnose accurately.




RetCam-the latest technology in child eye care comes to

Pakistan for the first time

OCT-the latest technology for diagnosis of retinal diseases

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Sukkur holds surgical eye camps

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Sukkur is running a very successful and extensive outreach program in the form of screening and surgical camps for the inaccessible rural communities from as far as Multan in Punjab to Dera Bugti in Baluchistan. Recently two surgical camps were held at Kandkot and Haroonabad where 325 major operations were conducted in the field hospitals. It was really surprising to see the backlog of un-operated cataract in the area. Many local welfare organizations have requested Al-Shifa to continue these surgical camps in future as well. Al-Shifa Trust Sukkur is currently holding a major camp in Dera Bugti.


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Kohat

Only one year old, our hospital at Kohat is regarded as one of the most custom-built eye hospital in the country. Gradually the number of patients has increased. With additional four specialist doctors inducted recently, the hospital has now seven well-trained eye doctors available. The community outreach program which is being conducted right from the beginning will be formally launched in February 2007 by Federal Minister Mr. Salim Saifullah Khan.


 Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Muzaffarabad


Prime Minister of AJK during his recent visit to Al-Shifa Trust announced to donate land for the fifth Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital at Muzaffarabad. The construction will start early next year.


Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology

Prime Minister of AJK during his recent visit to Al-Shifa Trust announced to donate land for the fifth Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital at Muzaffarabad. The construction will start early next year.
Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology
Like in the past, our post-graduate training in ophthalmology has produced 100% result in fellowship exams this year. We congratulate Dr Salman and Dr. Naeem Khawaja for clearing the prestigious examination of Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (FCPS).
Recently two doctors from Al-Shifa Eye Hospital Sukkur, namely Dr. Abdul Jalil Memon and Dr. Irshad Abbasi also passed their post-graduation in ophthalmology (DOMS).
As a pre-amble to start the first-ever one year post-fellowship subspecialty training program in the country in the complex field of retina, an inspection team constituted by College of Physician and Surgeons recently visited our hospital at Rawalpindi. The team was highly impressed by the facilities


 Mr. Mutalli, is 124 years old from Mandi Bahuddin (unbelievable, but true). He was brought to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi for his gradually deteriorating vision in both eyes. Diagnosed with cataract, Mr. Mutalli was operated successfully and got his vision restored in his right eye. The left eye will be operated later.

Being the oldest case of cataract in history of Al-Shifa, the old man was otherwise very healthy and could walk with some support. Bit hard of hearing he was quite happy otherwise with his life until he was handicapped because of this age-related eye disease. Al-Shifa Trust is center of excellence for such type of surgery and for people from all walks of life. We care.


Progress Report


Rawalpindi, Sukkur and Kohat

Last Quarter 2006






































































































Grand Total




Important Coming Events At Al-Shifa

? Inauguration of Kohat Hospital Community Program by Federal Minister
? Visit of Sukkur Hospital by Chairman Senate
? Al-Shifa Media Workshop and Photo Exhibition: February 2007
? Fund-raising function at Karachi
? Fund-raising function at Lahore
Al-Shifa Needs Your Support
Al-Shifa is a non-profit and a non-political organization. It is committed to providing eye care and treatment mainly to the under privileged and poor. Almost 75% of all patients attending Al-Shifa Eye Hospital are treated free. The Trust is able to meet only 30-40% of its expenses from its own sources while the remaining expenses are met through zakat, donations and support from philanthropists.
Your contribution means the gift of sight for someone in need!

Kindly note that your Zakat donations go separately to the accounts which are dedicated for treatment of Zakat patients only.
Kindly send your donations or Zakat to following Account Numbers: -
1.  In UK
           a. Habib Bank AG Zurich 5/7 High Street Southall, Middlesex UB 1 3HA, UK
               Account Number = 7-2-7-20311-402-109356 (Pound Sterling Account)
               Account Number = 7-2-7-20311-333-109356 (US dollar Account)
           b. HSBC Bank AuchinLeck House, Birmingham: Account Number = 40-1108-41311565
2. In USA
          a) National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), 100 Wall Street, 21st Floor New York, NY 10005:

              Account Number = 52152578
          b) Al-Shifa Foundation of North America 1200 SMITH ST STE 2355 Houston TX 77002: Tax ID

              (For US Residents Only) 36-4328912
3.    In Pakistan, donations can be sent directly to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Jhelum Road, Rawalpindi or to account  No.365-1, Muslim Commercial Bank Limited, Al-Shifa Branch Rawalpindi. All donations in Pakistan are exempted from Income Tax vide Regional Commissioner Income Tax, Islamabad, letter number SO-III-26 (9)97-98/5422 dated 23rd May 1998.

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