Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

Successful medical treatment of more than 4 Million People todate     Approximately more than 0.35 million successful operations todate      Approximately 1300 patients treated on a daily basis     More than 120 doctors trained/grauated to alleviate the sufferings of the blind       More than 0.3 million operations carried out during out reach progam/eye camps      More than 1.5 million children successfully screened todate
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
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Valuable Partners & Non Governmental Organisations (NGO)

Al-Shifa in its capacity as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness is cooperating with several international,national NGOs and Govts with the aim of providing comprehensive eye care and preventing blindness. A number of projects are being run with the support of these NGO'S.

A). Operation Eyesight Universal (OEU, Canada):- 

  • This joint initiative involves the development of Subspecialties of Retina, Cornea and Glaucoma.
  • Capacity building of distinct eye unit
  • Screening and Surgical Eye Camps
  • Pharmaceutical Projects

B). Lions International Sight First Program (LCIF, USA):-
This collaborative project involves

  • Prevention and Control of blindness from diabetes
  • Training of Optometrists, Nurses, and Technicians at National Academy of Paramedics

C). ORBIS International:-
Tthis collaboration Project involves

  • Capacity building in Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Rural Eye Care


D). Sight Savers International (SSI, UK) -

This joint initiative involves

  • Development of Low Vision Services
  • Cataract Surgical Program
  • Capacity building of distinct eye unit.

E). Government of Japan:- 
Our very valuable partner since early days of Al-Shifa is supporting in the following projects

  • Development of Cornea and Glaucoma units at Sukkur.
  • Prevention of blindness from Vitamin A deficiency
  • Development of Laundry Services

F). Trust for Voluntary Organizations (TVO, Pakistan):-
Under the series of joint projects TVO is helping school screening program.

G). International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF, Canada):-
his joint project entails the screening of school going and non-school going children for treatable eye diseases and avoidable causes of visual loss. The special emphasis of this project is screening of pre-school children and primary eye care training of community health workers and school teachers.

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Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

        No of patients treated in Al-Shifa since inception  4,729,331(Last Updated on January 23, 2008)

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals