Al-Shifa Trust                                  Pakistan Institute of Opthalmology.

                                  General Information

The Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology with its
main focus on human resource development has been
completed at a cost of Rs. 50 million
($ One Million). The Institute seeks to supplement
national efforts at training and research in the
field of ophthalmology. By conducting a wide variety
of professional courses in the ophthalmic sciences,
the institute enjoys the unique distinction of being
one of the first of its kind in Pakistan.

It is staffed with highly qualified and experienced
specialists to conduct the activities in the field
of training and research. Postgraduate training
courses leading to fellowship and diploma in
ophthalmology are already in progress and in these
courses we have some foreign students from friendly
countries as well. So far, 45 doctors have
successfully completed post-graduate training in
ophthalmology. We have also started short-term
microsurgery courses for District Ophthalmologists.
Regular Diploma and Certificate Courses for
Optometrists, Instrument Technicians, Ophthalmic
Technicians and Ophthalmic nurses is another unique
feature of this institute. A total of 175
paramedics have been trained in these fields.