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Al Shifa Ophthalmic Research Centre


Al Shifa Ophthalmic Research Centre with its latest equipment is another rare facility available at PIO for applied and basic research in ophthalmology. The research work is being carried out since 1992. However AORC was commissioned in 1999 with the generous support of donors. The centre aims to provide facilities for ophthalmic research leading to M. Phil and PhD. Professor S. Darougar, Dr. Qasim Mehdi and Professor Pablo Gold Schmidt leading research scholars are advisors to the centre. It has three full time research fellows, who are working on various projects, which will lead to M-Phil and later to PhD.
The centre has four state of the art research equipments namely Specular Microscope, Corneal Topography, Retina Tomogram and Electrodiagnostic equipment. It also has Internet and E-mail facilities along with the backup support of the Library.

The medical library contains over 3,500 ophthalmic books and over 3,000 journals. In addition, it provides CD-ROM facilities for research. The library provides material for doctors, nurses, optometrist and ophthalmic paramedics. Library has a large collection slides (over 10,000) donated by Prof S. Darougar on a vide spectrum of Ophthalmic diseases. It also has a useful collection of Video Cassettes, which can be viewed in the Audio Video area.
The library has a regular subscription to over 20 national and international journals.

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