Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

Successful medical treatment of more than 4 Million People todate     Approximately more than 0.35 million successful operations todate      Approximately 1300 patients treated on a daily basis     More than 120 doctors trained/grauated to alleviate the sufferings of the blind       More than 0.3 million operations carried out during out reach progam/eye camps      More than 1.5 million children successfully screened todate
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals
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Al-Shifa Trust Quetta

A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between the Chief Secretary Balochistan Mr. K.B Rind and President Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Jahan Dad Khan on 30th july 2006. According to the agreement the Balochistan Governement has granted free prime land of eight (8) acres to the Alshifa Trust for the constrcution of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital at Quetta. Chief Secretary Balochistan Mr. K.B. Rind while giving details about the land said that the prime land is located at Al-Barooni Road near Bolan Medical college. President Al-Shifa Trust, Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Jahan Dad Khan said " The palnning and mobilization will be completed by March 2007 and the project will be commissioned by the middle of 2009". This hospital will cost about Rs. 250 million" said MR. Saeed Qureshi, vice President of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Jahan Dad Khan said that the hospital will be on the same standard as Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi, which is the mother Hospital. "In addition to Balochistan, the hospital will also provide its services to the southern part of Afghanistan as well".

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By the time you have read this page 5 more people  have turned blind. Please help us alleviate the sufferings of the Blind 

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals

        No of patients treated in Al-Shifa since inception  4,721,532(Last Updated on November 05, 2008)

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals