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Dr. James Standefer
Visit of Dr. James Standefer at Al-Shifa....Read MoreĽ
Renowned Eye Specialist from USA
Renowned Eye Specialist from USA conducts Training at Al-Shifa ....Read MoreĽ
Tele Training
Al-Shifa Started Tele Training and Teaching...Read MoreĽ
Anniversary of its Founder
Al-Shifa Trust holds first anniversary of its Founder ...Read MoreĽ
JD Gold Medal
First JD gold medal goes to Dr. Mahmood Ali ...Read MoreĽ
AST Muzaffarabad
AST Muzaffarabad starts school screening program with the support of FHFRead MoreĽ
Surgical Camps in Sui
Sukkur hospitals holds successful surgical camps in Sui & Dera Bugti ...Read MoreĽ
NAVTEC Approves Project
NAVTEC approves project for training...Read MoreĽ
Iraqi Doctors
Iraqi doctors training at Al-Shifa...Read MoreĽ
Pak Nursing Council
Pak Nursing Council approves LPN Course at PIO...Read MoreĽ
Flying Colors by the University
Flying colors by the University of Health Sciences for our first passed out Optometry batch....Read MoreĽ
Pakistan Sweet Homes
AST participates in Pakistan Sweet Homes Annual Sports Week...Read MoreĽ
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Renowned Eye Specialist from USA conducts Training at Al-Shifa  


  1. Dr. James Standefer from USA is a glaucoma specialist who has traveled extensively worldwide to provide eye care and training, held a one week workshop on glaucoma and trained 5 ophthalmologists at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. Glaucoma is the greatest mystery of ophthalmology. It is defined as multifactorial optic neuropathy may or may not be associated with increased intraocular pressure causing changes in optic nerve head and typical field defects which result in irreversible visual loss causing deep concerns on quality of life. Glaucoma is among the leading causes of blindness in the developing world and it is important to maintain or enhance the quality of life of glaucoma patient. The main objective of work-shop was to produce mature, knowledgeable, efficient and skillful glaucoma specialist who will be competent in diagnosis and management (medical and surgical) of all types of glaucoma (suspects and established) patients.

    Dr. James Standefer also delivered lectures on these topics .

  2. Dr. Anand from U.K also conducted a live surgery workshop on glaucoma at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital.


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